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The easiest, fastest way to sign documents online.

The easiest, fastest way to sign documents online.

What is e-signature?

An electronic signature, or ‘e-signature’, can replace your handwritten signature. The adventages for businesses are faster transactions, lower risk, better oversight and visibility. The most important benefit of E-signature is making it simple and convenient to approve digital documents legally.

Is it legal and secure?

Almost every industrialized country around the world recognizes e-signature within the framework of the law. Adobe eSignature services follow most up-to-date online security policies at every step which inludes application code, networks and physical facilities. Take a look at Adobe eSignaturen Global Legal Handbook.

Why should I use an e-signature?

Here are the remarkable ones of the many other reasons.

Quick and cost-effective

Secure and legal


How it works?


Click the "sign now" button

Access the document and begin the signing process with one click.


Read the document

Read the form, then click the "click here to sign" button.


Sign and you're done!

Enjoy peace of mind that your e-signature is 100% secure and legal.


How does signing a document work?

Can someone change the document after I sign it?

My real signature looks completely different. How can it be valid?

But can't anyone sign my document?